BCBA Practice Exam

To find success on the BCBA exam, it is important to study thoroughly and practice often. The following five practice exams are free quizzes with twenty questions each, designed to mimic the questions on the official exam. Each question is followed by an explanation to clarify your correct or incorrect answer, ensuring that you have all the information needed to do well on exam day. Start your BCBA exam prep now!

Board Certified Behavior Analyst Examination

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst certification is earned through passing the examination from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. This 4-hour-long exam consists of 185 multiple-choice questions, of which only 175 are scored. The questions come from nine different content areas, each taking up a different percentage of the examination:

  • Philosophical Underpinnings – 3.43%
  • Concepts and Principles – 18.29%
  • Measurement, Data Display, and Interpretation – 12.00%
  • Experimental Design – 6.86%
  • Ethics – 10.29%
  • Behavior Assessment – 10.29%
  • Behavior-Change Procedures – 20.00%
  • Selecting and Implementing Interventions – 9.14%
  • Personnel Supervision and Management – 9.71%

Around one-third of candidates do not pass the BCBA exam on their first attempt. Studying and practicing should be a daily habit in the months leading up to test day. Start your BCBA exam prep today with our free practice tests!